About 5-10-20

The 5-10-20 competition aims to promote the creative and professional use of digital communication media in the public realm. It primarily focuses on innovative narrative and dramaturgical strategies suitable for generating awareness and conveying messages – answering the questions "what?" and "how?" in connection with digital moving images.

The competition is intended to draw attention to the special opportunities and unique features that this new means of communication offers. Moreover it seeks, in particular, to motivate creative young talents to explore the possibilities of new film and animation technologies and to provide interested members of the public with a platform for exchanging ideas.

The 5-10-20 Competition is held annually, and this year, 2010, marks the fourth time. It is geared to those working in film in Switzerland and abroad.

Participation criteria

Anyone can participate in the 5-10-20 Competition.
There are no restrictions on the topic, technology, and design of films.
Submissions must meet the following criteria:

Submission is possibly only via the website of the Competition.


The Competition has 3 categories:

Each category has three prizes with a total value of CHF 10,000.
The prizes are provisionally scheduled to be awarded in Lucerne on 17 November 2010.

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Evaluation criteria

The 5-10-20 Competition recognises good contributions to the way digital displays are used in the public realm. In this context, "good contributions" are understood to mean films that...

... contain a clear and current message, i.e. that:

... capture the attention besides being unique and entertaining, i.e. that:

... make full use of the media, i.e. that:

... have been produced professionally in terms of filmmaking skills. i.e. that:

The jury

The jury of the 5-10-20 Competition is made up of experts in film and communication in Switzerland and abroad. The competition's partners together appoint the members of the jury each year.

The members of the jury.

The jury starts the selection process as soon as the submission deadline ends. The selection has 2 steps:

Step 1: Nominations
All contributions submitted that meet the conditions of the Competition will be posted on www.5-10-20.ch. Jury members will evaluate the various contributions online. The 12 contributions per category that receive the most points will be the ones that are nominated. They will be posted separately on the website's "Nominations" section. The nominated contributions will be prepared (format, packaging, intro-/extroduction) and forwarded to the display hosts to broadcast on their networks. They will be uploaded to the various display channels approximately one month later.

Step 2: Choosing the winner
In order to choose the winner, the jury convenes and views for a second time all the contributions on a typical display in a public space. This is followed by discussions on all the contributions in order to determine the winners in the three prize categories (first, second, and third place).

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The Competition sponsor

The 5-10-20 Competition is part of an interdisciplinary programme of Lucerne School of Business and Lucerne School of Art and Design. The Competition is held annually and managed jointly by the two schools, and it receives substantial support from partners in the advertising, film and technology industries.

More details about the partners.

Besides the ultra-short film competition, the School of Business and the School of Art and Design also offers the following:

A range of training and professional development events aimed at giving participants the possibility to examine a topic stretching beyond the limitations of a particular field, to explore working across disciplinary boundaries using a systems approach, and to incorporate their own ideas into a project.

"Track Short" is part of the "Animage" major of the Master programme of Lucerne School of Art and Design and focuses on short and ultra-short films using specific dramaturgies and narrative structures as well as suitable technologies in animation and illustration. It features a range of project modules focusing on the social and cultural aspects of art in the public sphere and the artistic skills required for active intervention (HSLU.PM02.08 Das bewegte Bild im öffentlichen Raum (images in motion in the public realm)), the methods, strategies and approaches used in designing urban and public space (HSLU.PM10.08 Stadt_Raum_Labor (city_space_lab)) in an artistic way, and the ways in which to communicate a prescribed topic in a spatial context (HSLU.PM12.08 Ausstellungsgestaltung (exhibition design)).

Furthermore, projects on applied research observe and analyse new developments and good practices. Projects currently underway examine the effects of media on urban space and event management (Stalder 2007-2009), the development and suitability of emerging display technologies for outdoor use (Zust, 2008/09), the use of community TV when developing residential complexes (Project "BaBel Street Channel", School of Art and Design, 2007 - 2009), and the potential of information and orientation systems based on moving images (Project "Bebaios", School of Engineering and Architecture, 2008-2010).

The blog "Out-of-Home-Displays" documents the latest discussions continuously (in german).

Films submitted to the 5-10-20 Competition will be incorporated in the university's research, teaching and publication activities.